Determine eligibility for admission

Prospective students applying for any of the VIE Programs must:

  1.  Be 18 years of age
    (may be waived through a personal interview, parents permission and school approval)
  2.  Be a legal US resident
  3.  Have a high school diploma or the equivalent, GED

Note: The Institute reserves the right to evaluate special cases and to refuse admission to applicants when a refusal is in the best interest of The Virginia Institute of Esthetics.

Obtain a VIE Application
  1. Download Application
  2. Request a mailed application by using the Request Form
  3.  OR Contact the Virginia Institute of Esthetics at 757-651-3265 or E-mail: to have an application mailed to you.

Return Completed Application and all supporting documents to The Virginia Institute of Esthetics by appointment only.

Pay Registration Fee

Contact VAIE for current fee to pay by mail or at our facility. Pay online using the button below.

Take Placement Tests
  1.  All students who wish to enroll in any courses at the Virginia Institute of Esthetics must take placement test.
  2.  Please contact the Virginia Institute of Esthetics to schedule a time to take this test.
Determine Tuition Costs

Please note that all Registration fees and deposits must be paid before the start of class.

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Facials may not be performed at this time because of Covid-19 mask requirements. See our Covid-19 Regulations and Resources for information on how Covid-19 has affected Esthetics.