Virginia State Board Practical Exam

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Subject: Virginia State Board Practical Exam

What? Virginia State Board Practical exam is given to students that have gone through both the practical and theory classroom hours and have completed a total of 600 clock hours. This practical test will demonstrate our ability to follow safe and sanitary measures while working and performing basic techniques such as cleansing, exfoliating, massage, mask, makeup, eyebrow tweezing, and waxing, and blood spill procedures.

Why? History DPOR issues professional licenses, certificates, or registrations in the least intrusive way, least burdensome and most efficient way. DPOR wants to make sure that students who are applying for a license are qualified and can demonstrate competency necessary to practice safely without harming the public. They also enforce professional conduct in the workplace. DPOR investigates reports of regulatory violations, and seeks to obtain compliance, or when necessary to discipline the licensee. Fines, probationary terms, suspension, or license revocation.

How does it relate to the skin? Becoming a licensed Esthetician demonstrates that one has passed both a written and practical exam on scientific facts, as well as knowing all about the Integumentary system. It’s important to know all about the skin because as a licensed Esthetician you will be working on people with all different skin types and conditions.

Where does it typically occur? The state board exam is given at many different cities in Virginia, including Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Richmond.

When? (Implications) The State Board Practical exam will be given to those students that have attended and completed the required 600 credit hours that include both theory and practical skills at an accredited school.

Who benefits from this? Students benefit from this exam because it will demonstrate you are working in a safe and sanitary way, and are able to demonstrate the skills needed to become a licensed Esthetician. After passing both the practical and written exams, you will become licensed to work in the State of Virginia. Both employers and clients will benefit from your knowledge, and skills.

What causes this? DPOR requires students to take both a practical and theory exam after one has completed the necessary 600 credit hours at an accredited school. The passing score is 75% on each test.

How? Solutions (Mechanical / Machine) Some mechanical uses are the rotary brush machine, the demonstration of hot wax.

How? Solutions (Non Mechanical) State Board Practical will includes applying cleanser, toner, astringent, mask products, exfoliating products, as well as applying makeup, and tweezing of the eyebrows all in safe and sanitary way.

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