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Subject: Hyponychium

What? This can be cut when trimming the nails. It is the thickened portion of epithelium. It is a part of nail anatomy. Overgrowth of hyponychium makes nail cutting harder. If you want a longer nail use cuticle oil and put it on the hyponychium.

Why? History The hyponychium is the area of the epithelium that is the thickened portion, underlying the free edge of the nail.

How does it relate to the skin? It is the toughened skin that is underneath the distal edge of the nail. It seals the nail’s free edge to the skin. It forms an interface with the rest of the nail bed and acts as a barrier to reduce the risk of infection.

Where does it typically occur? Nail beds can provide a potential avenue for infection, allowing pathogens to penetrate and spread into the finger. Change in the shape may cause problems.

When? Implications The hyponychium works as a seal to keep water and other things out of the nail bed. It is a part of nail anatomy. Some changes in its shape and morphology may cause problems. Repetitive use of acrylic nails can damage the nail and it will lift from the nail bed. Skin disorders, artificial nails, and bacterial infections can occur.

Who benefits from this? Cutting nails back too far can cut back into the hyponychium. Be careful when cutting nails that you do not tear the skin. The function of the nail groove is to so the nail keeps growing in a straight line.

What causes this? This may cause excessive bleeding and it can be extremely painful as the tissue is so sensitive. With hyponychium overgrowth the hyponychium goes beyond the normal limit and attaches to nails. The cause may be to poor hygiene or because of the environment.

How? Solutions (Mechanical / Machine) Small sutures if the hyponychium is severely damaged. Use god tools to push the hyponychium back to create the look you like. After the skin is pushed back the nail should clear underneath.

How? Solutions (Non Mechanical) topical skin glue product closure system to add protection and strength may help seal up the nail bed. Apply cuticle oil to soften the area. When it softens, it can be pressed down and stay there. Be careful as a minor cut or prick can cause pain and infections. It is good to use an orange stick.

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