Foot Reflexology

Subject: Foot Reflexology

What? It is similar to acupressure. The pressure can help with relaxation. Reflexology is an ancient practice that is used when specific areas on the ears, hands, and feet are targeted to create peace and health within the body because it impacts all body systems.

Why? History It is similar to acupressure. It manipulates areas on hands and feet. Reflexology can be very beneficial when done correctly. The reflex points are based on the energy meridians and go with organs of the body. Reflexology is an ancient practice using maps of feet, hands, and ears to guide them as they apply pressure on specific areas to affect other areas of the body.

Where does it typically occur? Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hand, and ears. Typically hands and feet though face and stomach is additional areas. : It typically occurs on the feet, hand, and ears, and specific areas where pressure is placed that effects different organs or regions of the body.

How does it relate to the skin? It relates to the skin because reflexology is when the reflexologist works on specific areas on the feet, hands, and ears.

Who benefits from this? All people that need this type of treatment will benefit. The reflexologist can target areas on the feet and hands. Anyone could benefit by having this done whether they have a chronic condition, or just want to relax with this treatment.

When? Implications Some benefits are relaxing, relief of tension, and help with circulation. These movements can be used on the feet. Reflexology could be done on anyone that wants to relieve stress, and have a more balanced body balance.

What causes this? It helps problems with the feet and hands which brings a physical change to parts of the body. Certain points on the feet and hands correspond with body organs and systems in the body. It caused by the reflexology map that the reflexologist uses to guide them to specific regions of concern, or for relaxation, or to reduce stress and anxiety.

How? – Solutions (Machines / Mechanical) There are tools that can be used to perform trigger point therapy. There are bars that are used on clients. Certain reclining chairs can be used. There are tools that can be used to create pressure. There are chairs that are used that can replicate some of the pressure points on the feet, as well as magnets for the shoes.

How? – (Non Mechanical) – Hand methods are used to help certain conditions. There is also a variety of acupressure footwear that can be worn. Magnets are also used. Hands are used to put pressure on points. Reflexology is done with the hands of the reflexologist to promote healing within the body.

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