Subject: Eumelanin

What? Eumelanin is the most abundant type of human melanin. A small amount of brown eumelanin when other pigments are absent is thought to cause blond hair.

Why? (History) One different type of melanin is eumelanin. The most abundant type of human melanin and is found in brown and black skin and hair. Eumelanin can be found in your hair, skin, and areola. Eumelanin is commonly found in African Americans. It provides the black and brown pigment in their skin, hair, and eyes.

How does it relate to the skin? It is darker in color than some other types of melanin. When eumelanin is present in small amounts, hair may be blonde. Higher skin cancer in light skinned people is due either to a shortage of protective eumelanin. Eumelanin is the darker color of all of the melanin types. However, it is found in blonde hair, just in smaller amounts.

Where does it typically occur? It occurs in the hair, skin and dark areas around the nipples. Lower levels, it’s responsible for causing the hair to become gray. It is the primary pigment that gives humans the coloring of their skin, hair, and eyes.

When? (Implications) It provides black or brown pigment to hair, skin and eyes. Black to brown pigment produced by melanin. Eumelanin is found in darker skin types. The hair, skin, and eyes consist of it. Melanin pigments are from the amino acid tyrosine. It is important is important to eat healthy foods to maintain and increase melanin production. Some foods are spirulina, sea kelp, almond butter, and pumpkin seed butter.

Who benefits from this? Everyone because it is pigment associated with that person. Higher levels of pigment help protect against the sun. Everyone can benefit from eumelanin, and high levels of eumelanin protect more against the sun.

What causes this? Levels are decreased in certain types of albinism. Levels are decreased in lighter skin tone all the way to albinism.

How? Solutions (Machines/Mechanical) Higher levels are eumelanin is a prognostic marker for malignant melanoma. High levels of eumelanin can still get cancer.

How? Solutions (Non Mechanical) The mutations in this gene can affect eumelanin

deposition, which gives the darker pigmentation. Some cases, eumelanin can be classified as a mutation.

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