Subject: EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

What? The mission of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is to protect human health and the environment. The EPA is a broader based consumer protection agency in that it regulates anything from skin lighteners to paint. The EPA is an agency of the Federal government of the United States which was created for purpose of protecting human health and the environment by writing and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by congress. The EPA works to protect human health and the environment. They work to ensure that Americans have clean air, land, and water, provide accurate information with products and ingredients, and much more.

Why? History The EPA was established to consolidate in one agency a variety of federal research, monitoring, standard-setting and enforcement activities. EPA lists warnings of products containing dangerous levels of chemicals such as lead. The EPA can’t stop the sale of the items if purchased over the internet or alternative sources. They can post warnings. The EPA safer choice label helps consumers and commercial buyers identify and select products with safer chemical ingredients, without sacrificing quality or performance. The EPA chose safer labels, allowing the consumers and commercial buyers to select products with safer ingredients, while still allowing them to perform to their best potential.

How does it relate to the skin? The EPA relates to the Skin Care Industry in that we are protected from risks to human health and the environment. The EPA provides updated information of current concerns and/or possible risks of certain skin care ingredients. Through the Safer detergents stewardship initiative, EPA’s design for the environment recognizes environmental leaders who commit to the use of safer surfactants. The EPA is constantly updating their website with warnings and statements about possible risks of certain skin care ingredients.

When? Implications The EPA works to make sure there are clean water, land, and air. The laws in place are enforced fairly

Where does it typically occur? Agriculture, industry, trade, and state and local government is where it occurs. There are laboratories all around the country to help with solutions to environmental problems.

Who benefits from this? Everyone benefits because when congress writes an environmental law, the EPA implements it by writing regulations. They set national standards that states enforce through their own regulations. If they fail to meet the national standards, the EPA can help them. They enforce regulations, and help companies understand the requirements. The EPA purpose is protecting all human health and the environment. Everyone benefits from having the EPA available to them. This lets the people know that someone cares and are not just trying to get you to buy products. They actually care about your safety, and the environments safety.

What causes this? The EPA is needed to access risks to find out about land contamination and have them cleaned up. Chemicals are also looked at for safety

How? Solutions (Mechanical /Machines) Mechanical solutions the EPA is involved in are having businesses in our industry install better ventilated work stations and rooms, wearing gloves, and masks, and educating workers on the proper handling of chemicals used in the business. There are some HVAC systems that work to bring in outside air, to help with chemical odors. Businesses should use a ceiling exhaust vent. This can be installed on a wall also.

How? Solutions (Non Mechanical) The EPA also advises businesses on cleaner and more environmentally friendly workplaces for everyone. Something we should be aware of is that dust masks do not protect us from toxic odors from chemicals. SDS sheets should be kept for all products that are in the building.

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